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If you’re like us working on WMB since v6.1, we all know how much the product has changed so far. We’re working on the latest version ACEv12 for a migration project which is to migrate from IIBv10 to ACEv12. The client is using a custom application for all administrative tasks and is completely built using IBM Integration JAVA API.

As the product architecture has changed dramatically in ACE, IIB v10 APIs are deprecated so the current custom application won’t work AS IS. So, it has be re-written from scratch and today we’re able to get the ActivityLog working.

Here is the screenprint showing all message flows and one of the flow’s activity log.

ACE Explorer

Activity Log

The current version ACE12.0.3 doesn’t support deploying a bar file with a overriding property file. But, we added this feature to simplify the life of both developers/administrators. All, you’ve to do is, choose the Integration server in which you’d like to deploy, drag the bar file and properties file then click the Deploy Bar button located at the bottom.


If you’re using IIBv10 Integration API and looking for any assistance, please contact us at

Also, we’d like to know the features you’re expecting in the Web UI. You can put them in the comments section. We’ll try our best to get them into ACE Buddy. Those who provide good suggestions would get ACE Buddy free license for ONE year.

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