IBM Integration API – What shall I get from this?

  • Are you a serious IIB developer/admin?
  • Are you switching with multiple applications/windows back & forth?
  • Are you not a fan of commands ?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We were also looking for some sort of way to get most of our stuff done with some simple clicks/buttons. So, we started looking the ways to achieve it and finally found this IBM Integration API which contains everything you & we needed.

Let us put here some high level things that you can get from this API

  • List all
    • messages flows/applications/static/shared libraries
    • UDPs
    • Queues used
    • Security Identities used
    • DSNs
    • Bar files
    • Integration Server properties
    • Configurable Services
    • Activity Log
    • Administrative Log
    • SubFlows
  • Stop/Start
    • Message Flow
    • Application
    • Integration Server
  • Deploy/Undeploy bar files
  • Update/Modify/Create Configurable service
  • Update UDPs
  • Set Workload Management Properties

Most of the above features might be available from Web UI but it does contain have a way to search. Also, it does not allow to copy one bar file from one environment to another. But when you know the above stuffs to do programmatically, you can do what ever you need.

public class DeployBAR {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    BrokerConnectionParameters bcp =
       new MQBrokerConnectionParameters("localhost", 2414, "IB9QMGR");
    try {
      BrokerProxy b = BrokerProxy.getInstance(bcp);
      ExecutionGroupProxy eg = b.getExecutionGroupByName("default");
      DeployResult dr = eg.deploy("", true, 30000);
      System.out.println("Result = "+dr.getCompletionCode());
    } catch (Exception e) {

You can copy everything from one server and put it in another server. You can cross verify what is in multiple environments and much more can be done easily.

If you want to know more about this, we take training on these periodically. Join one of our training and control the Node as you wish. For more details, contact us at +1 6123058684.

MQEdit-Web-based RFHUtil

Are you using RFHUtil but looking for some alternatives for

  • Editing the message on the fly
  • PrettyPrint XML/JSON messages
  • List All queue details with human understandable format
  • Purge selective messages
  • Move messages from one queue manager to another
  • Move selective messages
  • Create Queue
  • Queue Properties
  • Search Queues
  • Read message from two different queue from the same window
  • Get description of the MQ Return Code
  • Trigger N messages at a time for load testing
  • And many more

Yes. We were also looking for the same and so built a tool to help you improve your productivity and lessen the development/testing time. This tool has most of the sought features available in RFHUtil. Here is the video demonstrating the features and how to use this tool.

This is tool is a web-based tool and so works on all platforms. All you need is to run the below command and open a browser,type localhost:8080

java -jar mqedit-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Main Page

You can put all your queue manager configuration details like in a text file and put them in your user’s directory


To purchase this software, please contact us at

For immediate response, you can WhatsApp us at +1 6123058684.