Cryptography in IIB

Not often but sometimes, there is a need to encrypt and decrypt messages flowing through IBM Integration Bus and there are some working solutions available in the market to achieve the same.

Since these algorithms are not available by default in ESQL, the next immediate solution is Java. So, if you are comfortable with Java Compute Node and know how to pick the Key from multiple locations like the below , then it is scalable and works like the same way as built-in nodes

  • User Defined Property
  • LocalEnvironment
  • Environment
  • Any other valid location in the Message Assembly

Here is a solution which uses AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the messages. All you need is 16bytes KEY.

Test flow

The KEY can be hard coded or its location can be $LocalEnvironment/Destination/Encrypt/Key or any other path which can be defined here

Now, this makes flexible that the KEY can be inside the incoming message or from LocalEnvironment or from Environment tree too.

Let us see how the encrypted message looks like after passing a simple XML file like below

Test message
After Encryption Node
Encrypted Message
Decrypted Message in OUT Queue

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